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Creatigies brings on-board NEXA as Title Sponsor for P1 Powerboat, Indian Grand Prix of the Seas

At Creatigies, right Brand-Sponsorship fit is of huge importance. Not every partnership can claim that, but there are few that match every bit of their DNA.

NEXA aims to provide global experience to its customers and in the same way Procam has made their best efforts to bring a global sport to the Indian audience for the first time. 

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Baleno RS - As title sponsors of the Baleno RS Booster Jets, NEXA P1 Team

NEXA deepened its engagement with the event by announcing the new model, Baleno RS, as title sponsors of the Baleno RS Booster Jets, a team that is represented by Indian wild card, two-times Dakar Rally finisher, C S Santosh, and brother-sister duo, Daisy and Sam Coleman, the P1 SuperStock Champions, United Kingdom 2016.

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Lloyd & Lloyd Dolphins, NEXA P1 Team

 Creatigies approached LLOYD to own the LLOYD Dolphins Team at NEXA P1. 

Powered to splash happiness in the waves, Brand Lloyd is proud to unveil its team - LLOYD Dolphins as it gets ready to race for the coveted title in one of the world’s biggest marine sporting events, Nexa P1 Powerboat - Indian Grand Prix of the Seas. With Dolphin as a brand mascot and manned by world-class pilots and navigators from UK and Belgium, Team Lloyd Dolphins looks to surge ahead with playfulness, speed, happiness and a spirit that makes them a team to reckon with.   

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