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In today's dog eat dog world , brands and companies are wanting to be the agents of change and contribute to society.

Business social responsibility should not be coerced; it is a voluntary decision that the entrepreneurial leadership of every company must make on its own.


We at Creatigies have played an integral role in our own small way to constantly create ideas and opportunities for NGOs, social organisations, etc along the way creating more awareness and raising funds for the relevant causes.


Art4All : Batting for Art:

Creatigies conceptualized Batting For Art , curated by A4A and supported by the Delhi Daredevils , where the specially created collection of 15 larger-than-life sized cricket bats painted by a wonderful set of artists, reflected the spirit of the game, the passion of the Delhi Daredevils and the inspiration it creates for millions around the globe. The confluence of cricket and art allowed each artist to use his or her own unique style to depict their ideas and concepts, and the collection was created in a record time of just 4 weeks. Painted by each of the invited artists in his/her distinct oeuvre and style, the collection is a confluence of creativity and cricket. The fifteen artists in ‘Batting for Art’ come from around the country and work within different sensibilities, and have especially created for this project. The Delhi Daredevils stand for positive attitude and zest for life and it’s energetic logo represents its pursuit of excellence. The characteristics of this people’s team are cheerfulness, enthusiasm, diligence, determination, friendly and passionate. The artists reflect these characteristics with play of paint, texture and colour.


Participating Artists: Binoy Varghese, Chintan Upadhayay, Dileep Sharma, Farhad Husain, Jayasri Burman, Kanchan Chander, Khem Vaishnav, Neeraj Goswami, Paresh Maity, Sanjay Bhattacharya, Satish Gupta, Seema Kohli, Sidharth, Thota Vaikuntam & Yusuf Arakkal. 

ACBI: The Blind Cricket World Cup , the India Pakistan and the India – England Blind Cricket Tours: playing a sport with so much passion, and making it a joy for those watching is a credo at the ACBI (The Association for Cricket for the Blind in India). Creatigies has been constantly supporting the cause with marketing the sport and bringing on board brands like Reebok etc to help and support Indian Blind Cricket.


Agewell: with over a 100 million old people in India, old age is one of the biggest challenges that the country is facing. Agewell over the years has grown from a fledging NGO to one recognised by the UN and given special consultative status. Creatigies has helped to create awareness campaigns and media outreach for Agewell from time to time, and also assist in fund raising opportunities. The last year saw an emotional campaign also supported by the Hindustan Times, that allowed more than 200,000 garments to be collected, and distributed to the Old and needy in and around Delhi / NCR. The event was flagged off by the Commissioner Police , New Delhi , Mr B. K. Gupta. Over the last few months Creatigies has also helped Agewell to get an even larger international exposure and value, with the Anup Jalota Concert in New York, plus media outreach through ITV USA, Sahara One USA and Jus Punjabi USA. More projects and concepts are underway.


Magiktuch: There are millions of visually impaired in the country who have amazing talent. Musical prowess and singing come naturally and Magiktuch has harnessed such talent from all over the country. The group of amazing talent has performed in Calcutta, Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Delhi, Washington DC and Jordan. More tours and concerts are on the anvil.