How to Take Board Meeting Minutes

The minutes of board meetings are a formal record of decisions, issues and discussions that occurred during a board of directors meeting. They assist in making sure everyone understands the events, who was present, what and how it was passed. They can also serve as an official document for future reference.

It’s not required however having a board secretary who is dedicated to the task can make it easier to keep and publish minutes. They can focus on listening to the discussion without interruptions. A dedicated note-taker may assist in ensuring a more structured and consistent approach to the meeting. Recording the meeting audio will also help eliminate discrepancies between minutes and what actually transpired during the meeting.

The first step in the meeting minute-taking process is confirming that the board has a quorum members present at the meeting. Checking the attendance list against the membership records of the board will reveal who was present. If a quorum has not been met, then the chair may decide to adjourn or postpone the topic for later consideration.

It’s enough to mention the materials discussed in the meeting but not to give the full description. It is better to store all meeting materials in a secure online portal for boards using a system like Boardable. This way, the presentations and other documents can be easily accessed when needed. This is particularly beneficial for new board members or those who have missed the meeting.

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