Fundraising initiatives for Agewell Foundation @ Airports (2020) and Airtel App (2021)

AGEWELL has been at the forefront of providing food, clothes, medicines and loads of emotional support that enable the elderly to live with pride.
Creatigies, as long term partner of AGEWELL, has contributed to the cause by taking this message across to millions at their cost or leveraging the partnerships & relationships with other Organisations.

Special campaign was run at the Delhi airport to spread the word and make people notice of AGEWELL and the cause they stand for.
This has enabled AGEWELL to reach out to millions more and raise funds for this noble cause.

Similarly, the AGEWELL campaign was taken to lakhs of Airtel users though banner and audio ads that made the assistance come through in varied forms.

At Creatigies, we take great pride in our association with AGEWELL and making a difference to the lives of the elderly.

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