Reebok-HT Brunch Personal Agenda – 2006-09

Each Sunday, The Hindustan Times Brunch magazine, profiles a celebrity / personality from the world of Sports, Entertainment, Films, and Business etc.  Interesting facts that allow the reader to get under the skin of the celeb, and know what the real person is all about.

Leveraging Reebok’s philosophy the branded content idea was suggested by Creatigies and readily agreed to by Reebok.

The interactivity through the “ I am what I am”  contest: actually makes readers go through the content and get involved with the editorial, creating ‘stickiness’ on the page and value for both the magazine and the brand.

One of the longest running innovations by Creatigies, the Reebok – Brunch partnership ran for 3 years, and has became an integral part of the Sunday HT magazine, with more than 15,000 sms involvements each week.

Personal Agenda © HT Media Ltd.

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